That Which Swiftly Follows

A Chance Encounter of The Demon Kind

Exploring the “city” of Splinter, the Party was immediately accosted by a follower of Syu, the goddess of fire. The follower was burning, his face and arms aflame as he screamed at Trundor in Infernal. Only Urisk could understand him, and struggled with the man, attempting to douse the flame covering him. A helpful Tiefling onlooker understood the raving as well, and assisted Urisk in dousing the follower. The Tiefling introduced himself afterward as Nomdeplus Portmantaeu, and claimed he had been tracking the party for some time. He has a vested interest in thwarting the Grey Lillies, and thinks the party and his objectives align. The party vetted him, demanding loyalty and concessions and warning of repercussions should he betray them. In due time, they accepted their newest member and began strategizing for the upcoming Summit at the Palace of the Pirate Lords. The summit is a meeting happening in 2 days and will determine the “ownership” of the wreckage of the RN Oberon, which holds untold treasures and offers access to the extremely magical Crystal Plains. The party decides to infiltrate the party under the guise of an Entertainment Troupe.

The Crystal Meeting

The party arrived at the gates to the palace of the pirate lords with their disguise in full swing. Gary was shape shifted into a bear wearing a leotard, pulling a cart with Shiitake in the form of a semi mobile “drug tree”. A crowd of revelers followed, partaking in the “drug tree on tour”.

The guards at the gate were easily swayed by Nom DePlus’s lies, and the party ascended the slap shod palace of the pirate lords. They arrived to find a haggard jester failing to entertain a tense room of pirate lords. The jester graciously accepted their performance onto the stage, and Nom doused the lights for added effect. When he brought up the lights, the drug tree was out in the audience, and the minions and lords began to partake. Zekar and Urisk shouldered their way into the meeting of the lords, claiming they had the first right to the wreckage of the Oberon. Bloodbeard, Jimmy and Silas were claiming they were owed a “back pay” of loot from the Oberon, and Ophelia was unwilling to give that to them. The party began to back Bloodbeard and co, to the point Ophelia decided to leave to announce to splinter that the wreckage was free game for any pirate to loot. In a rage, Jimmy began to cast a spell that lifted the palace out of the water, prompting Ophelia to attempt to stop him.

Combat was fast and bloody. Many of the lords fled during the chaos, but Ophelia and Winter Omen stayed, trying to stop Jimmy’s spell. Ophelia quickly struck down Silas with a critical strike to the skull, but was stopped by Gary’s attempts to grapple her. This gave enough time for Zekar to step between her and Jimmy. Before they could come to blows however, Jimmy told the party to fly the palace to the Oberon and he’d meet them there. He then slit his own throat and triggered a powerful death spell, hurling the palace through the air and dropping Ophelia and winter omen through the floor. Silas and Jimmy lie dead on the floor, Bloodbeard is unconscious, and the party has to fly the palace to the Oberon, even though they don’t know how it’s flying in the first place.


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